Alloycraft P395 Punt (P395)

Alloycraft P395 Punt
Motor Size Maximum: 9.9 Horsepower
Boat Size: 3.95 Metres
Beam: 1300mm
Hull Depth: 440mm
Weight: 113Kg
Bottom Sheet mm: 1.40mm
Top Sheet mm: 1.40mm
Transom Height: Short
Persons: 2

These lightweight boats have evolved from our Estuary Pro designs but in a compact hull suited to freshwater impoundments or sheltered waters. With casting decks front and back the lure or fly fisherman can take these anywhere with relative ease.
Especially at home as an alternative car topper, where the customer needs something a little more stable to fish from or a greater surface area to walk around the decks

Pressed Sides & Bottom Sheets Fully Welded Construction Foam Filled Thwart Seats Basic Flotation

Front Casting Deck Transom Grab Handles Checker Plate Foredeck Motor Pad

Rear Casting Deck Solid Corners Bow Eye Live Bait Tank (395/445 Only)

Drain Bung Seat Base Decals 3 Year Warranty

Floor Between Seats (330/365)

Pedestal Seat

Vinyl Wrap

Rear Tank rack

Front Battery Shelf