Bluefin 420 ROGUE PLATE (RPL0420)

Bluefin 420 ROGUE PLATE
Motor Size Maximum: 40 Horsepower
Boat Size: 4.20m
Beam: 1850mm
Hull Depth: 780mm
Weight: 240Kg
Bottom Sheet mm: 3.0mm
Top Sheet mm: 2.50mm
Transom Height: Long
Persons: 4

Undoubtedly one of the best value aluminium dinghies available on the market, Rogue boats offer a range of features that set them apart.

The proven hull design with a 3mm bottom and a fully welded construction ensures the Rogue is built tough.�

The Rogue is complete with full carpeted floor, front casting deck with hatch, anchor well, transom step, side pockets, bilge pump bracket, transducer bracket, fuel tank rack, anchor well, cross bollard and front and rear rails.

The Rogue carries its buoyancy well forward with level flotation, providing a safe and very comfortable boat suited to all general boating.

1 3mm bottom sheets 7 Rear rails 13 Extruded chines 19 Rowlocks 25 Transducer bracket
2 1.6/2.5mm side sheets 8 Transom step 14 Anchor shelf 20 Foam filled thwart seats 26 Bilge pump bracket
3 Side pockets 9 Front cast deck 15 Fully welded construction 21 Level flotation 28 2 large bungs
4 Anchor Well 10 Full carpeted floor 16 Motor pad 22 Anchor rope tie point 28 3 year warranty
5 Cross bollard 11 Nav light backets 17 Solid corners 23 Bow eye
6 Bow rails 12 Extruded keel 18 Fuel tank rack 24 Transom grab handle

1 Rear cast deck 7 Accessory kit
2 Fully welded side decks 8 Spray chines
3 Paint & decals 9 Bow sprit
4 Electric motor bracket 10 Checkerplate foredeck
5 Side console 11 Splash well
6 Rod holders 12